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Banned for setting fire to hiking paths.
banned for making Smokey Bear cry
Banned for making Yogi Bear laugh.
Banned for depreciating yourself. You should be J High.
Banned for chasing toads and licking scared, hallucinogenic sweat off their tiny toad backs.
Banned for promoting drug use.

Edit: I was ninja'd, but I'm sticking to my ban anyway.
Post edited June 13, 2021 by J Lo
Banned for not protecting your data from ninjas.
Banned for not protecting your ninjas from data.
Banned for offering a non-existent foot long.
Banned because J Lo does have a foot long but it would be inappropriate to share with a forum buddy.
Banned for making a valid point.
Banned for not making one.
banned for lacking any atmosphere in such a lonely place as the moon
Banned for mooning her.
Banned for pasty cheeks.