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Banned for saying that the pie I just made was dirty! Wth man!
Banned for leaving the stones in cherries, then making a cherry pie. A stoned cherry pie.
Banned because she's my cherry pie. Cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise. Tastes so good, makes a grown man cry. Sweet cherry pie.
Banned because last time I heard that song, it was paired with Blackbeard in One Piece.
banned because One Piece is in many, many, pieces
Banned, because I think that's your fault, you shattered One piece with a giant hammer.
Banned because... piece out.
banned cause you hatched an egg and the result was a hatchet
banned for not revealing which came first, the chicken or the egg
Banned for not believing that chicken omelet preceded both.
Banned for summoning Omelette.
Banned for not realizing the mold from cheese in a cheese omelet is the alpha and omega.
Banned, because this forum is now a community only for vegans, go take that talk about eggs and dairy products somewhere else.
Banned for turning this forum into a genetic dead end.
^ Banned for not being an innovative trailblazer.