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Banned for defending theft.
Banned for suggesting the property rights of dusty mummies should be respected.
Banned for stealing the dusty mummies and using them to decorate your home.
banned for dusting the mummies and thereby decreasing their value
Banned for Mummy trading.
Banned for putting your mummy where your mouth is.
Banned for snorting mummy dust.
^ banned for inventing a new "thing"
Banned for banning new things.
Banned because Dectective Cole told me - Time is a flat circle.

and you ninjaed me or I ninjaed you
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low rated
Banned for trying to square said circle, or vice versa


InSaintMonoxide: Banned, because there is nothing wrong with having an excessively large bust. Particularly if it's polygonal and you're a royal british rich woman with dead parents who steals ancient artifacts.
Well that's fine:

They belong in a museum!
banned for being a negative rep magnet and for no reason that I may surmise
Banned for being a positive rep magnate for some reason, either surmiseable or not.
Banned for being a swell guy.
Banned for being a swollen guy.