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banned, for eating way too much fried rice
Banned because I love fried rice.

HeresMyAccount: Banned for lying and pretending that you don't have lice.
HMA, if you don't want to change your profile picture, the least you could do is turn it upside down like the user 8thSage (scroll up) did to his/her lol.
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banned for spreading the ban-virus among gog forum users through banning
Banned for developing a symbiotic relationship with parasitic organisms.
Banned for developing a symbiotic relationship with a blue jay who ended up being cooler than you.
Banned because I'll send him to the moon with a magic keyboard.
banned cause a drugged racoon ate your forum avatar
Banned because this is a gog free zone, anything you say has a high chance of being censored
^ banned for going into steel building construction as a "ribbeting riveter"
banned because you've done monkey business with a gorilla
Dang, I haven't posted in this thread for such a long time. I guess I've banned myself at some point.
And now I'll be banned again for not banning the previous poster.
Banned for banning yourself for not banning the previous poster.
low rated
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Banned for excluding Gag and not explaining the joke
Banned for gagging the previous poster.