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Banned for inserting an extra plate under the wall of my Ghostbusters Firehouse, how did you even do that without demolishing the whole dang thing?
Banned because to my knowledge, Hooyaah isn't going to call Ghostbusters, or at least he didn't inform me that he would.
^ Banned for mentioning Hooyaah, who hasn't posted in this thread in like a week.
banned for selling potato pc's of a truck in a dark corner of a supermarket parking lot, that are made out of potatos
low rated
Banned for almost making a corn-y post (note to all: spoilers for Portal 2 in the link above)
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Banned because the cake is a lie!
low rated
Banned because *spoiler* there was cake.....just not for the player ;)
Banned for hating the player and the game.
Banned for assuming this was a place of love
Banned for eating 1 too many flies
banned for storing one too many files on your drive
Banned for driving too many lines.
Banned for telling too many lies.
Banned because lice tell no lies.
Banned for lying and pretending that you don't have lice.