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Banned for hardly working instead of smartly working
Banned for barely working instead of working dressed.
Banned for working with dressing instead of working with the whole salad.
low rated
Banned for adding nuts to people's salads without asking


J Lo: Banned because navy ranks in space are confusing. I was told I would make a good general, but I'm already a commander. Becoming a general would be a demotion.
I think either the ranks are different in ME, or he was low key telling you you're not so good at your job. o.0 ;)
Banned for giving jobs to Steve.
Banned for not appreciating Steve's jobs.
Banned for opening the gates for Bill.
Banned because nothing lasts forever.
Banned, because you've forgotten about my immortal glory as supreme lord of this forum.
low rated
Banned so you can remember your place as lord high refuse handler(janitor) of the forums a bit better ;)
Banned because I remember your place as a game rager.
Banned because I remember you having a different name. I can't say the same for your forum title though, as they've been changed for way too often.
Banned for being a crusty forum veteran
low rated

J Lo: Banned because I remember your place as a game rager.
Ah, I recall that.....thems were simpler, "edgier"(name wise) times.
Banned for nerdsplaining practices