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Banned for getting the thread back on topic.
low rated
Banned because "Omg, did the thread title always have that forum game tag on it? Is that new?"
Banned because I think it's new. Was it the creator of the thread who edited the title or one of the forum moderators?
low rated
Banned for answering my query without asking if you could first ;D

(seriously though, I believe only staffers can do such, so it was likely one of them....hmm, maybe someone should ask them to add the tag to other forum games as well)
Banned for... why are you downrating yourself why are you downrating yourself.... [/Nelson Muntz]
Banned for saying "Ack!" repetitively.
Banned Ack for Ack making Ack fun Ack of Ack my Ack language... Ack!
Banned because I noticed the title for this thread has changed.
Banned for being literate.
Banned for being a snake eater.
Banned for being the sons of liberty.
Banned for selling guns to the patriots.
Banned for stealing guns from hamsters.
Banned for watching Hamtaro.
Banned for laughing while watching Hamlet.