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^ banned for standing over a large pot on your stove and chanting slowly, "Double, double toil and trouble;
fire burn and caldron bubble."
Banned because something wicked this way comes.
banned, because you asked a vampire to grant you an interview of his life's story
Banned for honoring his request.
Can't sleep, someone must pay for my issues. Please accept my apologies and have a good part of the day ;)
Banned for not banning anyone.
Banned for not considering yourself as part of "anyone".
Banned for not realizing he literally did no banning.
MichaelD.965: Banned for not realizing he literally did no banning.
I banned and stated the reason. The only thing I did not state was the word "banned", I thought it was obvious.
So I ban you for not realizing an obvious ban.
BANNED! for not using the word "banned" in your previous "ban"
I ban you for not knowing the original rules.
Banned, because the first rule of "Why the person above you should be banned" is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT "Why the person above you should be banned".
Banned because that's literally the opposite of the rule.
Banned for opposing InSaintMonoxide.
Banned because I want to know if an apple is a fruit or a watermelon.