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Banned for using xasers and masers instead.
banned for having misaligned the warp core injectors and causing an imminent warp core breach
banned for trying to star in a fictional, sc-fi movie
Banned for watching a non-fiction sci-fi movie instead.
I ban both of you for not realizing what "fi" in sci-fi stands for.
ladyonthemoon: Banned for mentioning a game I've never heard of.
I ban you for not playing METAL GEEEEAAAR, grumble grunt!
banned for chastising the ignorance of others, yet reinstated because I like the way you think
Banned for faux banning.
Banned, for mispronouncing faux.
banned for banning your foe
Banned foe banning!
Banned for being banned before and bypassing the ban
Banned, for pointing out the one fatal flaw in this entire ban game.
Banned for posting a message while sleeping

Edit: (not serious, just a joke, sorry, have not read the rules. Forgive me if I broke the rule)
Banned for thinking you're in trouble.
Banned for playing Double Trouble on a bridge over troubled waters.
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