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Banned for thinking that Hooyaah's birth was not synchronizing with his birthday

(Have no clue if anything I just said makes sense)

Hooyaah, hello there.
Post edited April 28, 2021 by albinistic
banned for nonsensical cluelessness
Banned for having too many birthdays!
banned because nobody can have too many birthdays unless one tries to cram more than one in a single year
Banned because I forgot to mention the time-travel you obviously do.
banned for nearly initiating a causality loop
Banned for getting the time paradox game over screen in Metal Gear.
Banned for mentioning a game I've never heard of.
Banned, because you probably misheard of Metaru Gia.
Banned, for making fun of engrish.
Banned for watching Spanglish.
banned for riding runaway trains
Banned for taking the morning train, working from 9 to 5, and then taking it home again.
Banned for leaving on a jet plane and becoming a rocket man.
Banned for shooting him down with lasers.