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Banned for running without scissors.
Banned for not watching Running With Scissors.
Banned for wasting money on a show that was free
Post edited April 27, 2021 by albinistic
banned for wasting money by shredding it with scissors
Banned for being high by thinking frogs can use scissors
^ banned for thinking you are actually a frog, unless you are a frogman, then I will ask you what graduating class you were in
Banned for turning people into frogs to power your time machine.
Banned for being a Star with blue eyes and not white ones
Banned for being modeled after a 16-y.o. Because you're forever stuck at 16, you'll never be allowed to drink some alcohol.
banned for not mentioning his obvious advantage of never having to grow old and die
Banned for being jealous of people who are much, much, MUCH younger than you.
Banned for being a secret Arm sympathizer.
Banned for only sympathizing with legs.
^ banned for not sympathizing with anyone or anything
Banned for not synchronizing with anything.