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banned for being a green frog
^ Banned, for praying to kek.
Banned for worshipping haha.
banned for laughing rather than post the deity's name
banned for being a hypocrite in also not saying the deity's name
Not banned...but snatched away by a stork :-(((
banned for hiring a storkman after me
Banned for confusing a storkman with a kidnapper.
Banned for being the kidnapper
Post edited April 23, 2021 by albinistic
banned for being the kid napping
Banned for waking me up from my deep slumber
Post edited April 23, 2021 by albinistic
banned for snoozing and losing
Banned for having poor sportsmanship.
Banned for waking up a minute before your alarm clock starts its tormenting sound, which violently wakes up everyone, and then reveling in the chaos of the morning ritual.
Banned for rigging my alarm clock to create such a treacherous sound when before it made a calming, tranquil song that caused the eyes of many to become heavy and made them fall asleep.