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Banned for substituting submissive subjects for substandard substances.
Banned because that was good.
Banned because I can't tell how exactly to ban you because I can't see your eyes through your helmet. I think I'll hand you off to my assistant: Banta Claus.
Post edited April 21, 2021 by oldgamebuff42
Banned for delegating tasks.
banned for tasking delegates
Banned for basking in knowledge...
banned for basking in the sun without a sunscreen with an acceptable SPF rating
Banned for basking in robins.
^ He should be banned for sticking an ice cream cone in his eye, thirty one flavors at a time. It was literally, "I scream, you scream, we all scream for eye scream."
Banned because he took a dog-doo snow cone and stuffed it in my right eye... the doggie wee-wee has blinded me and I can't see temporarily.
banned, because for Orkhepaj the torture never stops and it is all your fault
Banned for participating in forum games.
Banned for inforuming him about that.
^ banned for banning members in good standing for trivial reasons
^banned for seeking revenge against people who ban