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Banned because you cannot expect people to make your wishes true.
Banned because a banning wish is a different kind of wish.
Banned for wishing upon a star, and then being burned by the star, for being dumb enough to get so close to it.
Banned for not giving Icarus the respect he deserves.
Banned for not pledging your undying loyalty to Helios/Denton!
Banned for siding with SHODAN.
Banned for participating in a showdown.
^ Banned, for losing in Samurai Shodown. "IPPON!"
banned for never having discussed generals, here in the General Discussion forum
Banned for finally bringing that up!
banned, for not having discussed his privates in a private forum
Banned for not majoring in corporal punishment methods.
^ Banned, for advocating the introduction of a pillory and stocks to the forum.
^ banned for not discussing seamen in a sub forum
Banned for eating a sub-standard sub sandwich in a submersible vessel.