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Banned for wanting to know the intricate details of said incident...
Banned for not minding your own bee's wax. That's very irresponsible for someone who claims to be a bee keeper.
Banned for eating bee's wax because you thought it would taste just like honey.
^ Banned for stealing huge amounts of honey.
Banned for being a bear who is friends with a pig, a tiger, a rabbit, and a donkey.
Banned for not curing the donkey's depression.
Banned for not joining Eeyore on the seesaw and having fun fun, fun fun, fun...
Banned for sounding annoyingly happy.
Banned, because that's what Tiggers do... woo hoo Hoo HOO!
Banned because, no reason.
You should be banned for not providing a reason, for, answering the question "why" is what we must do here.
Banned because I simply miss banning someone.
Banned for pining for the good old days. When banning people was much simpler.
Banned because the procedure of banning someone has always been simple.
Banned for arguing about procedure.