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Banned for not admitting the fact that you yourself had forgotten the date of your own birthday.
Banned for dating your own newborn clone.
^ Banned due to irrefutable, empirical data
Banned for getting your data from the empire.
Banned because Darth Sidious did nothing wrong.
Banned because your statement is wrong. He was killed by his own minion, so he did something terribly wrong.

...that loser.
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Banned for disrespecting the emperor.
Banned for disrespecting the king.
Banned for disrespecting the prime minister.
Banned, for priming the minister to disrespect
Banned for ministering prime disrespect!
Banned for administering disrespect to prime numbers.
Banned by ministerial decree, primarily for numerous acts of disrespect.
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Banned by the banned for not being banned!
Banned for saying that you were banned before even being banned.