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Banned for not understanding the words that are coming out of my mouth.
Banned for quoting the worst comedy-actor that Jackie Chan has ever worked with.
Banned for sporting an avatar with a religious figure in it because it surely stretches the limits of the Forum Regulations
Banned for doing the same thing, Moses.
Banned for splitting bodies of water in two.
Banned for splitting bodies of humans in two.
Banned because my body weighs 50kg, and I ate 5kg of nachos; which means I am now 10% nacho.
Banned for disguising yourself as a math problem.
Banned for being a master of disguise.
Post edited September 17, 2020 by jsidhu762
Banned for being nacho'r self today.
Banned, because that's nacho business
Banned for banning him, when you're only supposed to supply a reason why he should be banned.
^ Banned, for posting a preposterous prevarication, because I provided a practical post with a rational rationale why he should be banned as I am now with you, you fanatical filibustering flibbertigibbet fibber
Banned for talking like V but without the hardcore commitment.
Banned because "Remember, remember the Fifth of November!"