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Banned for telling us how you really feel.
Banned for being even more wrong than I ever thought possible.
Banned for possibly thinking even more wrongly than I ever... did.
Banned because two rights make a wrong.
Banned, because three rights make a left
Banned because three knights make a strong entourage of bodyguards.
Banned because Entourage was terrible.
Banned, because "Terrible" is a good name for a French or English heavily armed warship.
Banned because "Banned" is a good name for a giant hammer.
Banned, because "Bammer" in a better name for a ban hammer
Banned because I never said that it was for a ban hammer.
Banned, because you just got hammered.
another one
Banned for not respecting the format of this thread. I take my giant ban hammer and hammer you into the ground with it.
Post edited September 14, 2020 by morolf
Banned and reported for not ignoring, this might get you reported and banned.