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Banned, for over-tipping Jsidhu762
Post edited September 13, 2020 by Hooyaah
Banned for wearing sandals with socks.
Banned because there's nothing wrong with that.
low rated
Banned for forgetting about the dreaded "sandfoot" one can get when rocking that clothing choice on a beach.
Post edited September 14, 2020 by GamesRater
Banned, for finding that out the hard way
Banned for not warning him before he found out the hard way.
Banned for not doing so yourself.
Banned, for not reading my book, Fashion Faux Pas For The Sartorially Challenged
Banned for just sharing it now.
Banned for not sharing it on Facebook.
Banned for recommending membership on Facebook. Facebook is evil.
Banned for pointing out something that's blatantly obvious.
Banned for using Myspace.
Banned for being so unlikable that when you signed up for Myspace, even Tom didn't want to be your friend.
Banned, because internet friends aren't worth anything anyway.