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Banned for forgetting to drink your Ovaltine.
Banned for not telling him whey.
Banned for demanding HMA to break his oats of silence fast.
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Banned for preferring the Bash shell over the korn shell in Linux.
Banned for selecting this as your "favorite topic"
Banned for using magic to know which topic morrowslant set as his/her favorite.
Political gender hate speech of alien migrants causing mass felony jaywalking.
Now that would be cool :\ Going out in 'style'.
Banned for banning the use of magic.
Banned for viewing this thread in three dimensions.
Banned for looking for people to ban using palantir.
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Banned for adding words I have to look up to your post :D

MaceyNeil: Going out in 'style'.
I hope you're truly not trying to net a REAL ban. :(
Banned for calling Google's Sundar Pichai's phone in the middle of the night for that pressing matter.
Banned for using Google instead of Bing
Banned, because if you don't want to use Google, you've probably got something to hide and might be a terrorist, extremist or criminal. In our community we want our users to be transparent with their data.
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I am a "good guy" and send all my data in writing(in triplicate) to all companies that collect such on the be fair and transparent....and as I feel you might not be doing your part I hereby BANNED ya.