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Banned, for being disagreeable
Banned for being agreeable, but I bet you saw that coming.
Banned for hiding your face under that ugly helmet, as if you were Darth Vader.
How dare you mock my helmet?! I will have you banned for this! BANNED!
Banned, because you wear that helmet all the time, that your head has changed shape, becoming like your helmet.
Banned for preparing the arrival... of DARK HELMET.
Post edited July 22, 2020 by ZyloxDragon
Evil dragon! You shall die by my ban hammer, you wicked creature! Banned!!!
Banned for squashing lizards.
Banned, for not separating your white clothes from those with color before laundering
Banned because my cloths are as black as the blackest black hole.
Banned for recent hypernova explosion occuring inside your pants.
Banned, because you cannot resist the attraction of the hypernova remnant inside his pants.
Banned because kuhflyikjhlkjhgdhgf!
Banned because odfgishdejskdjg?
Banned for using an alien language. I've played enough XCOM to know what you are up to...