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^Banned for not getting the other ban right....I banned you for not having a music loicense......I didn't ban musak(as the youngsters call it these days). ;)

Also double banned for not knowing of(and also hating) that vile "meat".
Post edited January 25, 2020 by GameRager
Banned for not allowing creative banning.
Banned for indulging in recreational banning.
^ Banned because, is not "recreational banning" what this thread is all about?
Banned because recreational banning is only allowed in some places, while medical banning is allowed in others.
Banned for medical reasons (that Xenomorph in your chest could jump this forum).
Banned for diagnosing a patient wthout a medical license
Hooyaah: Banned for diagnosing a patient wthout a medical license
Banned for beard lice
^Banned for bearded mice
(Also unbanned for cool avatar pic)
Banned because mice should have a longer lifespan. Poor critters, croaking before they can look like a wizard.
^Banned as we don't want the wizened old wizardly mice rising up against the dapper cat alchemist army
Banned for pitying a variety of rodentia, yet shunning mousey blondes
Banned for marrying that shrew of a wife you got there.
Banned because is your name David or Dean?
banned for having a sentence as a username