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Banned because they need to bring back the Noid.
Banned because some dude got a Noid with that commercial because he looked like the Noid IRL
Banned for being the geezer in hospital bed with the rubber pizza in that funny tv caesars pizza ad.
Banned for wearing shrunk black brassiere as sunglasses.
^ Banned for wearing your armor inside the theater... it squeaked and rattled during the entire performance!
Banned because ceramic armour is superior to kevlar.
banned because the wood armor is superior to ceramic
Banned because if that's true, armor made from rotting potatoes and frozen cabbages is superior to both. Unless you're a cat, that is.
Banned because that's a very weird thing for an animal to wear.
Banned because at least the animal's not naked.
Banned because animals dont want or need your pity....unless you're feeding them.
Banned for overfeeding animals; Cruelty towards animals of any kind willl not be tolerated.
Banned for banning that bird... THAT will not be tolerated!!
Banned for being intolerant toward animal cruelty intolerents.
Banned for making me do horrible things to you.