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Banned because I'll say it 10 times fast if you give me a cookie.
Hooyaah: Banned for ninja-ing me, thou sly rogue!
Banned because I'm not a sly rogue, I'm a spoony bard.
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Banned for flagrant tomfoolery and feckless nonsense
Banned for academic bucaneering, freelooting and pirating.
Banned for electing to "Reply All" on all office-related emails.
Banned for electing the "Reply All" button into office even though it's unqualified to be a politician (though it ultimately became the world's greatest politician ever by being completely incorruptible, since buttons on a computer screen have no ulterior motives).
Bannes cos i'm better at pokemon gold
Banned because he likes Fortnite.
Banned for a fortnite
Hooyaah: Banned for a fortnite
Banned for 5 millennia.
Banned until the next ice age.
Banned until all of the energy in the Universe is completely exhausted
Banned because you have a fake diploma, are a fake practitioner and do not know what magic trully is.
Banned for making the 1,200th page! Write this 1,200 times!
Banned for being on a page.
Banned for coveting Paige!