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Banned for posting just before I did
Banned for being slower than a turtle, yet faster than a snail.
Banned because, you didn't treat me to tasty snails in garlic butter; or mouth-watering turtle soup!
Post edited September 19, 2019 by KiNgBrAdLeY7
Banned for posting too late once again
Banned because, you yourself ALWAYS arrive late and are even proud of this; and because you put Merlin to shame, a wizard should help his king find a queen, or even better, retrieve her!
Banned for using wizards to cheat at cards.
Banned for using cards to do magic tricks and pretend that you're a wizard.
Banned to another dimension! (because I'm a wizard and I can do that)
Banned for using baguette as your magic staff.
Banned for making a stupid sexual innuendo.

teceem: Banned to another dimension! (because I'm a wizard and I can do that)
Banned for not understanding what a dimension is.
Banned for biting a chunk out of it after I turned you into a mouse.
Banned because you're too slow. You turned someone else and that's your responsibility.
Banned because I don't even understand what you're talking about.
Banned for being stuck with such a shitty name account :D.
Banned for misspelling purple on your account name.