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Banned because dogs should be banned; cats are real players and hunt *game*, much more efficiently than ugly, dirty, smelly, messy canines!
Post edited September 14, 2019 by KiNgBrAdLeY7
Banned for thinking that a vicious, filthy animal that has a slave mentality is a much better pet that a clean, cuddly, independent animal, and also for loving animals that shit on our heads. Birds are assholes.

EDIT: Banned for ninjaing me and for making me agree with you.
Post edited September 14, 2019 by finkleroy
Banned for being ninja-ed. (You are representing the cat - the natural ninja.) ;)
Banned for implying that cats post here, or that they can even type.
Banned because I got a adopted a guinea pig yesterday. We named him Pumpkin. His cage mate is named Pudding.
Banned for banning the user above for that which they had no responsibility for and no control over
Banned, because that is actually a good point, I resent you for robbing me of the opportunity to make it myself.
Banned for your own tardiness which caused you to miss the occasion to excercise your will
Banned for blaming the police for being late as the reason for his successful bank robbery.
Banned because it feels good to be able to ban someone that's from the same country as you.
Banned because of a coincidence.
Banned for banning without jurisprudence
Banned for aggressive usage of the letter "J".
Banned cause I like jazz and juice. Don't be a jolly jerk.
Banned for not banning the banned who were banned by banned users who have banned themselves.