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Banned because weaponry ownership, demands:

a Verification from psychiatrist, that you aren't disturbed
b Former training in said weaponry, the specific one you purchase
c Ideally, proffesional license of an occupation, that uses any

Where's your credentials, son?
Banned for attempting to excercise authority that you do not possess
Banned because respect my authoritah!
Banned, because respect has to be earned, and so far you have conspicuously failed to do so.
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Banned because your name is an anagram for Floor M. What's on Floor M, and why do you designate floors with letters rather than numbers?
Banned because you're not a GOG user/member, you're just a floor.
Banned for discriminating against floors. (Do you look up to ceilings?) :p
Banned because people aren't floors but floors can be people.
Banned, because you guys are getting too close to the truth about Floor M...we're storing people there...
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Banned for doing some weird shit on Floor M.
Banned for not accepting my invitation to Floor M for a life-changing experience.
Banned for thinking I'm gullible enough to join your creepy cult.
Banned, because it isn't about a know, M stands for Meatgrinder...
Banned because, you banned a Cat!
Banned, because cats kill lots of birds, dogs are much better as pets.