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Banned because I can read your mind and initiated your orders, sire.
Banned for calming to be psychic
Banned for enraging to be psychic.
Banned for not teaching to your pokemon, the move Psychic!
Banned for having a psychic side-kick
Banned because of your beard, sir!
Banned for being too formal and for commanding cores.
Bannrd for having a generic avatar.
Banned for eating apples and littering the cores...


Banned for beard stroking...
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Banned for insinuating that Hooyaah should stroke something other than beards.
Banned for not being a Dog
Banned for being a dog and not knowing that fact.
Banned because i am not very wise, yet i can see all ends; and they are all bad ends. I was this _ close, to a very happy end...
Banned for taking a perverse pleasure of never ending reminiscence of particular life events full of drama and self pity.
Banned for seeing all ends.