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Banned for insinuating anything other than the most honest of intentions.
Banned because he honestly wants to bone finkleroy.
Banned because the previous poster has a bone to pick with you...
Banned out of goodness of my heart. Have a nice ban!
Banned because I want to talk about pawns more.
Banned, because chess is an obsolete game and you should rather be playing the newest Doom.
Banned because the newest Doom isn't available on GOG.
Banned because in "Good Old Games", newest releases have no place; at least, so early, that they haven't become old first.
Post edited June 22, 2019 by KiNgBrAdLeY7
Banned, because Gog hasn't been Gold old games for years.
Banned for gold fever.
Banned for Gold Digger
Banned for digging up my gold.
Banned for having hidden your gold instead of donating it to the poor.
Banned for being a communist.
Banned for banning someone just for different political ideas than his'