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Banned for writing a novel
Banned for preferring comic books to novels.
Banned because horses don't exist.
Banned for calling unicorns horses.
Banned for calling armadillos crocodiles.
Banned for making me imagine armadillo skin boots.
Banned for selling your house to Aquaman.
Banned for implying that his house is underwater.
Banned because baby's got back.
jsidhu762: Banned for not recognizing generation 8 as the best generation ever. I don't really care about making my team giant for one turn, but the other stuff seams pretty neat. I hear the new region is going to be like Britain. Which is great because I generally prefer European locales. I'm going to get myself a scorbunny.
Banned because i would have agreed with you, but unfortunately, generation 8: will change gamplay mechanisms and certain moves (previous generations messed up with confusion chances, thunder wave accuracy, Darkrai's special hypnosis, various abilities and many people hated the "nerfs"), water starter pokemon looks better, the amount of pokemon in the dex will be crazy lots of them (we already have too many) and no fangame will ever tackle the task of implementing it, in most probability. More than enough reasons to be sceptical. We agree that Britain is great, though!
I'm not sure how to follow up on your ban, so I'm going to have to change the subject.

Banned for fighting Batmanuel.
Banned for fighting a man well with a bat.
Banned for breaking bats.
We're on a limited budget here!
Banned for batting and unwell man.
Banned for making the baseball team sick with the runs.