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Banned for having a lot of rep.
Banned for low rep considering registration date.
Banned because humans aren't numbers, son!
Post edited June 19, 2019 by KiNgBrAdLeY7
Banned, because you are not my dad...
Banned because we are long lost siblings.
Banned, because that's a worn-out trope fit only for low-brow novels, not for our refined community here.
Banned for being the first person that I get to ban today.
Banned because rushing in, even if you are initially victorious, might lead into a sound defeat.
Banned because I enjoy it.
Banned because enjoyment is not an option...
Banned for not being optional.
Banned for jumping through hoops and crawling through tunnels to get to the one... true... Golden Oreo, and forgetting the milk.
Banned for not reminding them to grab the milk before leaving.
Banned for not doing it yourself.
Banned for not hiring contractors to do the work for you