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Banned for taking the cake, or was it the biscuit ?.
Banned for failure to distinguish between the cake and the biscuit.
Banned for confusing the issue. It was pies all along...
Banned for reminding me of delicious food, while not offering me any.
Banned for my milkshake bringing all the boys to the yard.
Banned for pouring politicians with milkshake. That's not the correct way to show support for their politics.
Post edited May 26, 2019 by le_chevalier
Banned because that makes no sense at all.
Banned for being sensible.
Banned for playing a game. The ESRB rated that game B for banned.
Banned for not changing your current guinea pig's name to dale to match the new one you're planning to name chip.
Banned for being a rescue ranger.
Banned for being a yellow monster.
Banned for wasting time on a forum when you should be out catching fish.
Banned for not realizing that there maybe fish to catch in the forum...or maybe there's something else to catch in the forum.
Banned because there is many fish in the sea.