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Banned for stating facts. They are not allowed here on GOG, apparently, and only opinions, feelings and experiences are... :p

Post edited May 26, 2019 by Trooper1270
Banned for a parent or two.
Banned because all that green weighs heavily on my conscience and I now feel the need to sort some waste.
Banned for having a conscience.
Banned because you didn't treat me to tasty pudding!
Banned because my guinea pig is named Pudding. He is black and white and looks like a tiny panda. I'm going to get him a cage mate soon. I'm hoping for a brown and black piggy, I will name him Chocolate Chip, but I would just call him Chip for short.
Banned for posting innuendos...
Banned for having a dirty imagination.
Banned, because i need my dirty little starlet back!
Banned for having a porn star for a girlfriend. Don't you get jealous?
Banned for arousing my I'll have to look through the entire net to find this porn video with "Bradley's star".
Banned because you're just jealous of KiNgBrAdLeY7's "little starlet"
Banned for flaming.
Banned for icing.
Banned for cake