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Banned for counter-counting.
Banned because my meal is almost here.
Banned because you haven't offered to share it with us.
Banned for not adding a profile pic and just using the default one.
Banned for having the best avatar I've ever seen.
Banned for not pointing out Jcozart's hypocrisy in criticizing me for a missing profile pic.
Banned because you don't have a missing profile pic. It's orange with a silhouette of a person.
Banned because you didn't let me pet Meowth!
Banned because Meowth: Awww cute.
StarChan: Banned because Meowth: Awww cute.
For being a weeb trash <3
KiNgBrAdLeY7: Banned because you didn't let me pet Meowth!
Banned because Meowth is not a pet. He is a person.
banned for having a meowth and not a Charmander
Banned because you have an eye for quality; post mega evolution, charizard is top tier as it alays deserved (i am trying to make a Charizard X with perfect stats in fangames).
banned because i have no clue what you are on about. ;-)
Banned because, what gamer are you, not knowing this iconic series' mechanisms and gameplay? Were you living under a rock, for the past 16 years?