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Banned because I just filled out the form to renew my OHIP card. In the box where it asked for sex, I wrote "yes, please!".
Banned because using too much politeness and out of the subject, as it was the size that was asked on this case.
Banned for going berserk.
Banned for friendly fire.
Banned for being cold-hearted.
jsidhu762: Banned for being cold-hearted.
Banned from the bottom of his heart.
Banned for hitting rock bottom.
jsidhu762: Banned for hitting rock bottom.
Banned for not showing the real rocket ! Meow!
Zumi: Banned for not showing the real rocket ! Meow!
Banned for "meowing". WOOF. :D
Banned because there are some "barking cats" (search youtube); they are better than dogs and they are CATS!
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Banned for trying to get me to watch cat videos on youtube.

(Dog videos... that's a different story)
Banned for knocking on people's houses for coke.
Banned because probable Pepsi consumer
Banned because I'd rather drink Moxie.
Banned for being Mad Moxxi from Borderlands.