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Banned for verbal assualt.
Banned for restricting free speech.
Banned because I was hoping to make the most of Family Day, but I woke up at 3 pm.
Banned for having an anime avatar.
Banned for remaking Avatar as an anime.
Banned for being part of a 3 color avatar chain.
Banned for chaining up avatars.
OldGrayBeard: Banned for chaining up avatars.
Banned for social justice warrioring on GOG forums
Banned for being against social justice.
morolf: Banned for being against social justice.
Banned for being pro social justice and then claiming to be a free speech activist.
Banned for promoting crusader violence and intolerance in his profile pic.
Banned for assuming that he's intolerant just because he's getting ready to swing a sword at you.
Banned for being lactose intolerant.
Banned for excessive lactose justice activism.
Banned for eating Lacta.