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Banned because I want to know the rest the story.
Banned for telling a story than never ends.
Banned for not noticing a typo in your sentence or choosing to just ignore it instead.
Banned because technically these sentences that begin with the word "Banned" are incomplete sentences, and should begin with, "You are banned."
You are therefore banned, for correcting a choice of the people HOW DARE YOU!
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Banned for correcting your account... my account... his account... whatever!
Banned because corrections are your case not so much
banned because his/her location is Saint Lucia and I googled where that is and I now want to go there. bad person!
Banned for stalking.
Banned for talking.
Banned because Danish bacon is so damn nice.
Banned because I like turkey bacon.
Banned because I like all bacon.
Banned because I like bacon turkey (a turkey made of real bacon).
Banned for trying to turn an entire country (Turkey) into bacon.