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Banned for being too touchy.
Banned for being too feely.
Banned for needing a whole team to haul one rocket.
Banned for hating team work.
Banned for downplaying the importance of the individual.
Banned because there's no such thing as half way crooks.
Banned for engaging in criminal activities, and failing every single time. The only thing worse than a Pokemon thief is an incompetent Pokemon thief xD
Post edited December 31, 2018 by mateog3112
Banned because Team Rocket members aren't criminals, we are just ambitious and misunderstood.
Banned for trying to make a bunch of hooligan whipper-snappers look good!
Banned because my New Year's resolution is to give more bans.
Banned because she stole my new year.
Banned because you stole Christmas.
Banned for being the last to post when I got lured back to this thread.
Banned because i was forced to partake into a play that was rigged; she crushed me through the circumstances of the story and the role she was handed down.
Banned for trying to be a martyr.