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Banned because HeresMyAccount isn't even yellow...
Banned for not answering questions three.
banned because i'ts christmas
Banned because it's Hanukkah.
Banned because no it isn't. Both of those holidays are over.
Banned because you don't assist the Easter bunny to color the eggs.
Banned because you're not assisting me in eating the eggs from the Easter Bunny.
Banned because Easter comes earlier every year.
banned for being a member of team rocket :P
Banned for not being one.
Banned for not upgrading to Team RAINBOW Rocket!
Banned for trying to build a weird mutant monster hybrid of Elton John and Ronnie James Dio.
Banned for trying to make a clone hybrid of Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer halves.
Banned for shattering the Vanilla Ice sculpture with the MC Hammer.
Banned for trying to touch this.