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Banned spacing too deeply.
Banned because I just found out my mom does more dope than I do.
banned for having a mom that partys while the rest of us are grounded by ours....
Banned for not having repping the Jazziest rabbit in all the land
Banned for having a username that sounds like the serial number of a robot.
Banned for being a serial poster.
banned because I don't even know if your profile pic is a man or a ugly ass woman
Banned for hate speech
Japman: Banned for hate speech
Banned for the Shogo Makishima profile pic
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Banned for always ruining your neighbor's day.
banned for not having neighbours
Banned for biting your neighbors and injecting them with venom.
Banned for flying above and beyond the Call of Cthulhu.
Banned because I decided to shorten the word "noodles" to "noods". So the next time I go to a restaurant, I will ask the wait staff to send noods.
Banned for speaking in the manner of a douche.