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Banned for not respecting the original, Alice Cooper
Banned for not respecting the clones. Everytime you load a save game or restart a checkpoint, you are playing a clone of the original character.
Banned for using the word "clone", that reminds me of "clowns" - and I hate clowns.
Banned for sharing a hatred with me. Except for the ones from outer space and the one who always says "they all float down here". Those I found to be humorous.
Banned because you'll float too, ZyloxDragony! And for having a sick sense of humor.
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Banned for making me think of the worst book I've ever read, IT.
Banned for reminding me of my past when people would make fun of me for my Dad jokes.
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Banned because I like clowns
Banned because I only like this clown.
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Banned for not liking Bozo the Clown.
DavidOrion93: Banned for not liking Bozo the Clown.
Banned for not liking Tim Curry
Banned for not being Tim Curry.
Banned for not being Killjoy
Banned for killing joyfully (that may be the first legitimate reason to ban someone).
Banned for stopping my kill streak