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Banned because Stephen Hawking just died. :(
finkleroy: Banned because Stephen Hawking just died. :(
Banned as this is a sad day...............He will be missed.........
Banned because I can't believe it! This is terrible news!
Banned for being black, white, and read all over.
B4nnEd Ph0r H4v1N' 700 muCH K4RM4 EVEN 7h0U9h He k0N574n7LY W4n7z 70 b4N PE0plE
Banned for mixing numbers in your words.
Banned for not noticing 'W4n7z' is Windows 7-zip.
Banned for tolerating "leet speak".
Banned for going on the longest journey.
"My account" is clearly a lie. Ban pls.
Banned because this thread is about banning the person above you, not asking people to ban you.
Banned because I never asked for this.
Banned because I didn't say that you did ask for this.
Banned for clarification.
Banned for clairvoyance.