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Banned for not getting lost when I told you to.
Banned for getting lost...
Banned for not following the directions on the map!
Banned for not taking the scenic route anyway.
Banned because the scenic route is already too full of tourists.
Banned for no stopping to smell the tourists.
Banned for cleaning toilets for a band.Cheers
Banned for cheering over someone's misery.
Banned for eating someone else's food in the office fridge.
Banned because what you called as an "office" fridge, is actually my fridge. So whatever is in it, are mine!
Banned for keeping your fridge empty. I found nothing in it.
Banned for trespassing fridges.
Banned for restricting access to fridges.
Banned because you still don't own a Sega CD. What are you waiting for, Nintendo to make one? Wrong answer man -show him.
Banned for assuming.