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Banned because single celled life is where it's at.
Banned for having two turn tables and a microphone.
Banned for turning the tables on Mike, twice.

Banned for flipping a table sideways and using it as a shield.
Banned for not using a meat shield.
Banned because your meat shield won't protect you from a steak through your heart.
Banned for giving love a bad name.
Banned for achy breaky heart.
Banned for Billy Ray Cyrus and Hannah Montana.
Banned for Mileys hairy armpits.
Banned because that's the pits.
BfB, Banned for Brad.
BfB, Branned for Bad.
Banned because a game I'm really into released a free DLC pack and I'm super super excited! The two "super"s is not an error, I'm just that excited.
Ban, Ban, Super Ban.