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Banned for being a cocaine user.
Banned for being a forum abuser.
banned cause you're annoying
Banned for being annoyed.
Banned because you didn't introduce me to twin sis.
Banned for being a Simpsons character.
Banned for being ninja'd and succumbing to martial arts.
Banned for even trying to imitate the legendary Bruce Lee.
Banned because i wasn't even trying; and banned again, because *authentic* Togakure Ryu user can beat Wing Chun easily.
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Banned because my Kan Tong would smite you all.

Mamas, making Kan Tong, doesn't take long, for the word to get around.
Banned for losing rep.
Banned for not gifting me some of yours.
Banned because i must be banned by someone right after you. I did something horrible. First time here I snapped and attacked another gog member; first time this happened also with someone from same place, too. Imagine what; not even tinyE's wish to never get a family of my own ever angered me so much as to make me snap, before. My fuse is getting shorter. I must look into that.
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Banned for being emotionally long-winded
Banned for not giving KiNgBrAdLeY7 a hug.