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Banned for banning me today when I really should've been banned within four weeks of a cloudy Labour Day but no less than two.
Banned for being a prominent member of SPECTRE.
Banned for being Harvey Specter.
Banned for being Harvey Birdman.
Bad for using an evil insignia. Star and number 5 won't do.
Banned for being a King! Vivé la revolucion!

And! Just realised, my icon is the achievement you get in the first Mass Effect when you finally become... a Spectre! lol It's all tied up, I can go back home now. :)
Banned for still having a queen, yet not letting others have their Cat King. :P
Banned because even though you flatter me, i am in truth a well-groomed-street cat-beggar scavenging through trash cans all day long... Poetically, obviously, lol...
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Banned for terrible poetry.
Banned because I can't find a country named "Other".
Banned because you are from an "other" country.
Banned because that user is from Indonesia.
Banned for living on this planet.
Banned for living in what once had been an ancient viking settlement and everyone being none the wiser, up until very recently, only! ;)

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Banned because Iceland is greener than Greenland.