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^ Banned for sneakily promoting out of body experiences for gamers
Banned for redundantly specifying that a quark is quantum, even though there are no other kinds of quarks.
Banned for writing Outlander/Outlander slash-fiction where Claire Beauchamp Randall is in a love-triangle between Ron Pearlman and a space-panther.
Banned because your answer is too complicated.
Banned because what's complicated about letting the panther participate as a third gender?
banned for not just "going back to sleep"
Banned for expecting me to sleep in broad daylight.
Banned because you lost your binkie again.
Banned because I just finished watching the Dragon Age 4 trailer and the characters look like they are from a f---ing Pixar film.

I like Pixar but that kind of art style should not be in a dark fantasy game.
Post edited June 14, 2024 by J Lo
Banned because maybe they decided to make this one light fantasy, or maybe it's more of a Kingdom Hearts situation.
^ banned for presumption sans sufficient data
Banned for sufficing data, presumably of Sans from Undertale.
Banned because the sequel of Undertale should be called Overtale.
^ banned because the sequel of Undertale should be undertail
Banned for chasing tail.