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Banned for reminding me of gog's mediocre sales
edit; by mediocre I mean the constant mass of sales and not the discounts
^ banned for suggesting that anyone buy from a site where, one day soon, only bots will be able to solve the reCAPTCHA to log in and download games
Banned for calling me हनुमान् for some reason.
Banned for printing goofy stuff that I can't read.
^ banned for not knowing how to read Devanagari (Indic Script)
Banned for reading the e-book version of the Bhagavad Gita instead of the printed version. Which means you are reading Sanskrit, sans script.
^Banned because you kill trees for your paper books.
^ banned, for a well-authored and printed tome, lovingly bound, is a work of art which may transport ones soul on journeys rare and wondrous
Banned for dismissing ebooks as if they can't do the same.
^ banned, because you just don't "get it" and that's okay... You do you, while many others of us appreciate that which you cannot
Banned for speaking to yourself from my perspective.
Banned for speaking in the second person perspective.
Banned for playing fourth person shooters
^ banned for being the first one to say something so preposterous as a reason for banning a man
Banned for inventing the 5th-Person perspective and expecting all developers to instantly embrace it in their designs.