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^ banned for playing Pong
Banned for playing it on the Coleco Telstar.

HeresMyAccount: Banned for not playing that game 35 years ago, like everyone else.
Banned because at the time I was three years old.
^Banned for not being advanced for your age(like the rest of us autismos)

J Lo: Banned because it's better to get pissed on than pissed off.
^Double banned for almost summoning the dread Mr Kelly
Banned for making R Kelly cry
Banned for tearing up Kelly Kelly.
Banned for Roger Roger.
Banned for Mohammed Mohammed.
Banned because I had someone with that name back in high school. He wasn't very intelligent. His siblings were practically geniuses, though.
Post edited May 22, 2024 by J Lo
^ banned because you didn't have a cute blonde girl in your eleventh grade history class named Candy Box
^ banned for spending your 50 Cent to get Good & Plenty at the Candy Shop
Banned because it's Shorty's birthday.
^ Banned for not pouring one out for all the fallen shortys
Banned for libation.
Banned for ignoring Ranker's new avatar.
Banned for ignoring J Lo's new crush but noticing this weird drawing of a chastity belt Ranker uses as an avatar now.