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Banned for getting us all banned with that ruling.
^ Banned for maturity.
^ banned for purity
Banned with impunity.
^ banned for impertinence
Banned for having a inflated sense of importance.
^ banned for not understanding that you are also important
Banned for telling him that, so that it goes to his head.
Banned for wanting it to go to my feet.
Banned because these donuts will go straight to my thighs.

HeresMyAccount: Banned because after getting pissed on, you have a horrible odor.
Banned because it's better to get pissed on than pissed off.
Banned for promoting my anti-fetish.
Banned for being anti-matter.
^ banned for being protostar
Banned because I'm trying to get through Super Mario Land for the Gameboy. It's pretty weird for a Mario game. The fireball is basically a melee weapon, the ground is really slippery, and the platforming is pretty stiff. And the invincibility star plays the can-can music (by Offenbach).

Edit: and you can't do the running slide like you can in the other Mario games. Pressing down while running just makes you stop abruptly.
Post edited May 20, 2024 by J Lo
Banned for not playing that game 35 years ago, like everyone else.